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Globalization of Esports 

  • What is Esports

    • Clubs 

    • Players 

    • Coaches 

    • Sponsors 

  • Key reasons that have shaped this phenomenon 

    • History

    • Asian culture 

  • Economy impact 

    • Sponsorship 

    • Streamer

    • Online audience

  • Downsides 

    • Health Condition

    • Early retire age 

    • Super competitive



Most of the research includes esports podcasts, documentaries, and articles. For example, for the League of Legends 10 year anniversary Championship that is held in Shanghai, China, there is a podcast on Spotify called “Untold Stories: Top Moments From Worlds”, which reveals some stories for the history of this esport. I would also try to find one book that’s related to the esports and watch more documentaries. 


Global Study Themes

Public health: the game once held a COVID charity fundraiser event and enabled  players to buy certain in-game merchandise to raise money for the charity organization.


Globalization: many international esports events are held in different countries and gather players from all over the world.


Arts: Beside running the game, companies also produce excellent music and drawing which their themes are based on one typic event or in-game characters.

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